TICA Award News 2018/2019

Southeast Region


Double Grand Champion Shelli Vasan's Halwa of Rissa
Second Best Scottish Fold Kitten

Best Scottish Fold
Best Red Classic Tabby/White Scottish Fold


Double Grand Champion Rissa Cica
Second Best Scottish Straight Longhair Cat
Best Lilac Scottish Fold Longhair


Champion Rissa Delta Force
Second Best Scottish Straight Kitten

Best Scottish Straight
Best Black/White Scottish Straight


Rissa Mirror of Eliza
Best Scottish Fold Kitten

Southeast Region


RW Triple Grand Champion Tesoro Bello Kenya II of Rissa

Eleventh Best Kitten

Sixteenth Best Shorthair Cat

Best Scottish Fold Kitten

Best Scottish Fold


Triple Grand Champion Rissa Delta Force
Best Scottish Straight

TICA Award News 2019/2020

TICA Award News 2020/2021

Southeast Region


RW BW QGC Rissa Giovanni

Twenty First Best Cat

Tenth Best Shorthair Cat

Nineteenth Best Kitten

Best Scottish Fold



Grand Chamption Avrora Leitis John Wick of Rissa
Best Scottish Straight LH

International Winner


Best Winner Quadruple Grand Champion Rissa Giovanni

Gio was awarded the prestige of being the BEST SCOTTISH FOLD in TICA for the year!


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