Due SOON!!  (Email us here)

Ch Rissa Delta Force x Rissa Aster

Black, blue, lilac, chocolate, black smoke, blue smoke, lilac smoke, chocolate smoke - all with or without white




planned for 2019


CH Rissa Delta Force x DGC Shelli Vasan's Halwa of Rissa

Red, blue, black, chocolate, lilac, cream, black tortie, blue cream, lilac cream, chocolate cream - solid or tabby, with or without white, possible vans


Ch Rissa Delta Force x Astoria Belivis Selena at Rissa

Black, red, blue, chocolate, lilac, black calico, blue cream calico, lilac cream calico, chocolate cream calico - solid or tabby, with or without white


??? x Tesoro Bello Tsukimi



??? x DGC Rissa Cica

Scheduled for late this summer/early fall. Lookin to move our Lilac/Chocolate program forward. More to come!

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