RW SGC Egoist/WC

TICA Show Season 2016-17
- Awarded SGC in 4 shows, Regional Winner
* 2017 Best Longhair Scottish Fold (SE Region)
* 23rd Best Allbreed Cat (SE Region)
* 13th Best Longhair (SE Region)
* 2017 Best Lilac Scottish Fold Longhair (Int'l)
TICA Show Season 2015-16
* 2016 Best Lilac Scottish Fold Longhiar (Int'l)

Neo is my first Scottish Fold. He is a lilac Scottish Fold longhair. Neo came to me from Tesoro Bello Cattery in Kiev, Ukraine and I couldn't be more pleased with him.


I'm very proud of my boy. What started off as a cat I've always wanted has turned into the show cat I could never have dreamt of. Sure he's not everyone's cup of tea, and that's alright, but he makes me exceptionally happy, both at home and in the show ring.


Neo has been DNA tested PKD N/N. He has been color tested and is homozygous for dilution and brown (chocolate). He will be xrayed soon in order to assist with OFA establishing testing for OCD as well. He will be available at stud to a select few tested queens.


His first litter has arrived and will be out in the TICA show rings fall 2017.

WCF INTL CH Tesoro Bello Delon x Daikiri

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