Available Kittens & Adults



Nothing right now but check back in June 2019!!



These cats have been retired or are cats that need rehoming. They are already spayed/neutered, are litter trained, are up to date on vaccinations and deworming, and are accompanied by a state health certificate and lifetime breeder support (even though we may not be their breeders, we still assume responsibility). These young adult cats are a great option and usually adapt to their new homes within two weeks though some will take longer. Please contact us if you would like to be considered as a home for one of these affectionate, well trained cats. Contact us at info@scottishfolds.org for more info.

Freyja aka "Frey"

Frey is an almost 3 year old white and black shorthair Scottish Straight. She is an easy keeper, adores people and demands lots of attention. She is the perfect cat for someone who will provide her with the attention she believes she deserves. Loves people of all ages, is good with cat friendly dogs, and usually gets along well with neutered male cats.